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Parents and Caregivers Services 

Welcome to our parents and caregivers service; it is an online service designed to empower parents and caregivers with the knowledge and tools to enhance their children's skills using applied behavior methods. Our comprehensive training program is tailored to help you navigate various developmental challenges and foster positive behavior in children. With our training, you'll gain the expertise and confidence to create a nurturing environment that promotes growth, learning, and well-being.

Toilet Training Program

The online toilet training program employs evidence-based (ABA) strategies, effectively teaching new skills and promoting positive behavior change. This approach allows parents to gain valuable insights and practical techniques to facilitate successful toilet training outcomes.
The program emphasizes the importance of individualizing the training approach to suit each child's unique needs, considering their sensory sensitivities, communication abilities, and behavioral patterns.
Parents will learn how to establish a positive and supportive environment that fosters independence and confidence in children with autism during toilet training. The program also addresses common obstacles that may impede progress and provides strategies for troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Let's Play Program 

Our comprehensive online training program offers parents of children aged 18 months to 5 years, who are either diagnosed with autism or at risk of autism, the necessary skills to provide early intervention using the evidence-based Early Start Denver Model (ESDM). Over the course of 12 weeks, parents will engage in live meetings and receive personalized feedback, empowering them to effectively support their child's development.


Allows parents to connect with qualified therapists or counselors remotely using video conferencing platforms and other digital tools.
During online consultations, therapists or counselors typically discuss with parents to understand their specific concerns and challenges. They may provide strategies, techniques, and resources to effectively manage autism-related issues or problem behaviors. Therapists may also offer guidance on implementing behavioral interventions, creating structured routines, and fostering communication and social skills.

Caregiver Program

The Caregiver Program is designed to equip nannies with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective care for individuals with behavioral challenges using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) approaches. This program, offered in an online format for four weeks total of 10 hours, aims to enhance caregivers' understanding of behavioral principles, interventions, and strategies, enabling them to foster positive and meaningful interactions with their charges.

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